8 Free Things to Do in Washington, D.C

8 Free Things to Do in Washington, D.C

Posted By: Admin 20 Feb, 2020

Washington, D.C. is the capital city of the United States. It is one of the major center of economy, finance, industry and commerce in the United States. Besides, Washington is the home of world-class museums and art galleries. Pleasant weather, delectable cuisine, natural beauty and last but not least exclusive hotels.

Stay in Washington, D.C can be pricey with ‘n’ number of statement-making hotels and costly meals. In fact, expensive flight tickets to this major American destination can be the reason of extension of your expenses. But, it is possible to get cheap flights to Washington if you compare and research enough to find an airline offering discount on flight ticket to this exotic destination.

When there are options of getting airline tickets best price for Washington, it’s worth to consider staying in a costly hotel because of what the city offers you to do at np cost. It is the best part of the city and one of the major reasons behind the increase in the number of visitors every year.

Whether you planned a trip to this city in the United States for family fun, to witness the ancient and contemporary art works, to explore the historical attractions or to be a part of any cultural activity, Washing D.C is the ideal place to quench your wanderlust for travel without spending a dime. Gift a quiet day to yourself on the picturesque and peaceful major attraction in Washington and experience a recreational activity without spending a single penny.

Here are some of the best yet free things you can do Washington, D.C:

  1. Plan a Trip to the National Mall

The National Mall should be on the tip of your bucket list. This major place in Washington have numerous attractions that cost nothing to its visitors. It is an ideal place if you are looking for family fun in this exclusive American destination. There are more than 12 museums and historic attractions. The place keeps the family engaged by offering plenty of things to explore.

Monuments and memorials have been one of the major reasons behind the popularity of The National Mall. Make some effort to get airline tickets for Washington to witness the conventional architecture and to explore world-famous museums like the National Air & Space Museum, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian. Make sure that you visit all of these places at the National Mall.

  1. Visit the National Zoo 

The National Zoo is a part of the Smithsonian museum and is located amidst the beautiful Rock Creek Park. Hence it is a place of scenic beauty with sufficient greenery. The best part of the National Zoo at Washington is free admission. This place in the nation’s capital will be loved by kids. They can discover by watching live more than 400 different species of animals.

  1. Witness a Performance at the Kennedy Center 

Kennedy Center is one of the major attractions in Washington. It is a place of class, culture having its own historical significance. The most exciting part about this place is that it hosts performance by many artists every evening at 6 p.m. Admission is totally free. Splendid performances by renowned jazz musicians, famous dance troupes and reputed poets. Enjoy live performance by the National Symphony Orchestra at Kennedy Center.

  1. Explore the National Gallery of Art

This is a must-attend place for art lovers. Without charging you anything, this place in the capital city of the United States showcases world-famous masterpieces. Extensive collection of masterpieces in the form of paintings, photographs, decorative arts, sculpture, prints and drawings are showcased at the National Gallery of Art.

Make the most of your visit to this exclusive place in Washington by exploring both the East and West buildings. It is also advised to take a walk outside the art gallery and manage some time to visit the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art to enjoy some fresh air when done witnessing the beautiful work of architecture.

  1. Plan a Visit to the Arlington National Cemetery

This famous cemetery in Washington, United States can be visited by anyone without paying any admission fee. It is the buried point of more than 330,000 servicemen of the United States, renowned Americans. Arlington National Cemetery is huge covering an area of about 624-acre.

Visitors are permitted to roam through the cemetery for free and can even take a guided bus tour to have a better view of the place and the buried point of some famous persons. While visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, make sure that you visit Arlington House. It was the former house of Robert E. Lee, a famous American soldier. Arlington House is atop a hill and therefore can help you get a proper and beautiful view of the entire city of Washington.

  1. Walk Through the Rock Creek Park

To explore the beauty of nature in Washington and to enjoy hiking, visit Rock Creek Park. In spite of charging nothing to the visitors, Rock Creek Park offers everything that a hiker or an adventurer desires. It is an ideal place to enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding and playing tennis. Besides, Rock Creek Park also hosts concerts and programs to provide the visitors ultimate entertainment.

  1. Explore the Botanic Garden 

Just next to the capital city of the United States, located the botanic garden. It is one of the most beautiful indoor garden in the nation. By displaying nearly about 4,000 tropical, sub-tropical and seasonal plants, this garden attracts nature lovers from different parts of the world. Moreover, visitors can also attend educational programs and enjoy special events organized at the famous Botanic Garden.

  1. Tour the White House

Giving effort and finding reliable ways to get cheap flights to Washington will not have any value if you don’t visit the White House. It is advised to request a member of Congress to arrange a free tour of the White House. Also, it is important to remember that groups tours are held from Tuesday to Saturday. But it is scheduled one month in advance. Book Air France reservation  to explore Washington, D.C

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