How to access Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines?

How to access Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines?

Posted By: Admin 21 Feb, 2020

Traveling on Alaska Airlines will surely result in the best in-flight experience, as the air carrier is known for providing an exceptional range of amenities, which are absolutely world-class that one would cherish for a lifetime.

Most of the aircraft operated by Alaska Airlines is equipped with Wi-Fi facility, either in-flight internet or satellite Wi-Fi. However, Q400 planes don’t have an internet connection. When you choose Alaska Airlines to fly, you can expect nothing but the simplest way to stay connected in the sky.

Now stay updated with social media notifications, important emails even when you are flying. Internet facilities offered to the passengers are of two types, including satellite Wi-Fi and in-flight internet. It is completely dependent on the flight route selected by the passengers at the time of Alaska Airlines reservations flights.

We have come up with a small guide on “How to access Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines?”

How to connect Inflight internet available on Alaska Airlines Flights?

When you make booking for any destinations across North America, excluding flights to Mexico, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, then you would be able to enjoy using inflight internet. Here are some simple steps that you can use to enable internet on your device.

  • Enable the device’s Wi-Fi by tapping or clicking on the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Go to the settings and search for the available wireless network.
  • Connect to the “gogoinflight” wireless network.
  • Open the Web-browser of your choice
  • Enter in the address bar and choose a pass option.

Access Satellite Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines Flights

Alaska has introduced the future of inflight internet, which would let passengers browse, stream, and chat from gate departure to gate arrival without any hassle. It will be installed in the entire fleet of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer jets by the year 2020.

Features of upcoming Satellite Wi-Fi

  • 20 times faster speed. Now watch your favorite TV series streaming on Amazon Prime™ or Netflix™.
  • Extensive Coverage. Now stay connected, as the internet will be made available everywhere you travel on Alaska Airlines features.
  • Enjoy gate to gate connectivity – Now you can be online since you board until you arrive.

Connect to the Satellite Wi-Fi Just in Few Clicks

  • Enable device’s Wi-Fi, and select the “Alaska_WiFi” network.
  • Launch your web browser (Chrome™, Safari®, etc.) and enter in the address bar.
  • Now select your desired service: free texting, entertainment, or the internet. Once you have made a preferred choice, you are good to go.

When you make booking for travel dates before the year 2020, you would be facilitated with ViaSat Wi-Fi. Whether your flight is equipped with ViaSat or not, you are required to check it for the ViaSat logo on the inflight landing page.

Here are simple steps that you can use to connect.

  • Enable your device’s Wi-Fi by tapping
  • Go to the settings and search for the available wireless network.
  • Now tap on “Alaska_WiFi” wireless network to connect
  • Open the web browser of your choice
  • Enter to and purchase a pass.

Hope you were able to enjoy the internet by using the simple mentioned below. For more updates like this, stay tuned.

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